Officers and Supporting Institutions for the Edition

Officers and Supporting Institutions

James Franklin Beard, Founding Editor, 1966-1989
Kay Seymour House, Editor-In-Chief, 1990-2002
Lance Schachterle, Editor-In-Chief, 2002-
Stephen Carl Arch, Associate Editor
James P. Elliott, Chief Textual Editor
Robert D. Madison, Textual Editor


Series Sponsors

Clark University
American Antiquarian Society
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Advisory Committee

Lance Schachterle, editor in chief and chair

Stephen Carl Arch, associate editor in chief

James P. Elliott, chief textual editor

Wayne Franklin

John P. McWilliams

R. D. Madison

Linn Carey Mehta

Keat Murray

Thomas Philbrick

Anna Scannavini

G. Thomas Tanselle

Ashley Cataldo