The Bravo Manuscript

Bravo Manuscript

Bravo Manuscript

Below are three chapters from THE BRAVO which have been transcribed to show Cooper’s additions and deletions. Ch. 1 is the opening chapter, in the holograph or Author’s Manuscript format (AMS). The other two texts are versions of ch. 30: AMS is Cooper’s first draft and AMAN (amanuensis) is the copy made from the AMS by Mrs. Cooper. Note the differences between these two versions. The final published version of these two chapters in fact differs significantly from both versions here, indicating Cooper continued to make revisions (not now known to be extant) before Colburn and Bentley published the first edition in London in 1831.

Bravo Chapter 1, LSJS

1831 Chapter 30, AMAN

1831 Chapter 30, AMS

A Long False Start Part 1,  Part 2

Lance Schacterle’s, “A Long False Start: The Rejected Chapters of Cooper’s ‘The Bravo, 1831” first appeared in the Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, vol. 115 (2005):81-126, and appears here with permission.